LEAP: Ethiopia’s National Food Security Early Warning System


What is LEAP?

From 2008, LEAP is the national food security early warning system used by the Government of Ethiopia to estimate the number of people who will be in need of food assistance due to drought.

 What does LEAP do?

By integrating seasonal forecasts of precipitation, LEAP will provide timelier estimates of humanitarian needs.

 Who can LEAP help?

EUPORIAS prototype selection has been completed.

On February 20 the EUPORIAS general assembly was finally able to select the five prototypes that will be developed over the course of the project.

Thank you to the three external reviewers for the recommendations provided regarding the 11 prototypes proposals submitted by partners. The quality of all proposals was outstanding making it a difficult decision for all of those involved. However, the idea of focusing on a few well-defined prototypes has been the basis of the project right from the beginning.

Management board meeting

On May 23rd we had the first management board meeting of EUPORIAS. In order to minimise the carbon footprint of the project the meeting was hold remotely using WebEx. No issues of significance were raised during the discussion and the project at this stage appears to be on track with all the deliverables and milestones which were expected being delivered.